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Component Separation Vental Hernia Repair

Surgery of the abdominal wall is common. Many experience surgery of the abdomen at some point in their lives. Appendectomy, gall bladder removal, prostatectomy, c-sections, and many other surgeries are performed via incision in the abdominal wall. Various factors contribute to ventral incisional hernias.

When these defects in the abdomen are large or complex, plastic surgeons are often consulted upon to reconstruct the abdominal wall. Component separation of the abdominal wall is a technique used to separate the abdominal muscles and fascia into separate parts. This procedure yields laxity in the abdominal wall which can then be used to reconstruct an incisional hernia or large complex hernia.

Component separation spares the use of synthetic mesh and is an effective means of restoring the integrity of the abdominal wall.