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“I am so lucky to have found Dr. Hess. He is such an amazing person, and more importantly, a genuine doctor, which is hard to find in Southern California. I have had one procedure done by him and it was painless and easy. At first, I was nervous, but he was very calming and made me feel at ease. I now recommend him to all my friends and family, and since, they have referred their loved ones to him as well. I only have great things to say about Dr. Hess and I only trust him to perform any procedure on me. Anyone who comes to his office will be more than pleased with any procedure they have done, just as I have.”

— Missy C.

I would like to start by thanking Dr. Hess for performing a breast augmentation on me. I got silicone implants and people think my breasts are completely real. My breasts continued to look better and better as soon as the swelling subsided after surgery. Among all of my friends who have had their breasts done, Dr. Hess’s work is noticeably more natural looking and proportionate to my body. I sent my cousin to Dr. Hess and she just got her breasts done too. He took a lot of time with me before and after the surgery. The care I got from Dr. Hess and his staff was first class.

All the best,

— Vanessa

“Dr. Hess is a great doctor. I was so nervous when I went to my consultation, but felt at ease when Dr. Hess spoke to me. He is down-to-earth and very knowledgeable. Dr. Hess is so nice too. He called me after my surgery to see how I was doing. I even called him late at night the following day, after my surgery, and he picked up and answered my questions. No doctor has ever showed how much he cared about his patients as Dr. Hess. I have searched for a doctor like Dr. Hess for a long time. I knew from the consultation that Dr. Hess was going to perform my tummy tuck and breast job. I have referred family and a couple of friends to Dr. Hess. I got many compliments from people about how great I look. I am very satisfied with his work and would never see anyone else. Thank you Dr. Hess!”

— Patricia H.

“My name is Lorielle and I delivered my triplet daughters in 2006. During my pregnancy, I gained a total of 75 pounds. My body changed tremendously, as you can imagine. I was extremely self conscious and insecure with my post pregnancy body. I was told to “give it time” and worked out regularly and ate healthy, but no amount of exercise was ever going to change the stretch marks, loose skin and muscle damage I was left with. I was only 24 years old when they were born and not ready to live the rest of my life uncomfortable in cute clothes or, worst of all, a bathing suit. For three years following the birth of my beautiful daughters, I looked into the option of plastic surgery. I had four consultations with other well-known surgeons before I met Dr. Hess and finally felt confident in my choice. Many of the other doctors I met were impersonal and felt like “salesmen”. I had left previous consultations overwhelmed, feeling like the surgeon was trying to “sell me” on certain procedures and convincing me I “needed” work done I’d never considered or wanted. This was a big endeavor that I was unwilling to put in the hands of just anyone. Choosing Dr. Hess was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. My experience with Dr. Hess was amazing. I appreciated his honesty and realistic approach. It’s been a year since my surgery and my scars are practically invisible. I am thrilled with the results, much better than I expected. I had a quick recovery and appreciated the follow up and human connection Dr. Hess gave me. He is incredibly meticulous and talented with his work. I’ve recommended my friends and family to Dr. Hess, and would encourage anyone considering plastic surgery to take the time to find the right doctor that truly has a passion for what they do as Dr. Hess does.”


— Lorielle M.B.


“I have not met another physician, plastic surgeon or otherwise, that was more kind, caring, and professional.”

— Facelift Patient

“I am under the care of Dr. Hess, who is a plastic surgeon. In my journey to find the right doctor for my cosmetic needs, it took a little over a year before I found him. I live in California, so of course my due diligence took me through a lot of doctors. Once I found him, did my background check and had my surgery, I can not be more pleased with the results. I am writing this to all the women in the world that may want some type of cosmetic surgery and are looking for the PERFECT DOCTOR, look no further. Dr. Hess does more then just the general work, he makes you look and feel so much better about yourself. He gives you guidance to maintain the look you have achieved, and to say the least, he goes over and beyond the call of duty to make you feel secure about any surgery you will have. Please ladies, and gentlemen, I did all the work, you just have to make the call. A HAPPY CLIENT”

— Ms. Edwards

“My surgery (breast augmentation) was exactly a year ago on March 31, I am extremely pleased with Dr. Hess’s work. His work ethic and ability are beyond any other doctor that I have seen or heard. Dr. Hess went above and beyond what I expected from him. He has helped me in so many ways and I could not have asked for a better doctor. I was a small A and now I am a D. I love what he has done and if I ever get another surgery I would most definitely go back to him.”

Jessica M.

“My overall experience from the 1st consult to the day of my procedure; great customer service & knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and helpful. After searching other places before Dr. Hess’ office, I knew this was the best decision I could have made. Without a doubt, the Dr. Hess was my best choice!”

— L.C.

“I saw Dr. Hess in consultation. I had a previous breast surgery that I was unhappy with. I had seen several plastic surgeons who said my outcome was a difficult one to improve. Dr. Hess agreed. He said he would do his best. Wow! I look so much better. I wish I would have went to him the first time.”


“I just wanted to comment on the procedure that was performed. First of all, I want to start by saying that I had an enormous amount of work done in one day. I had a tummy tuck, liposuction of my upper and lower back, and liposuction of my outer thighs. I was quite happy with my results, needless to say the pain was awful but I got through it with the help of my family. Dr. Hess is a very good doctor if I may say he was there answering all my question and concerns that I had before and after the surgery. He also called me on several occasions after my surgery to see how I was doing and made sure that I had enough of medication for my pain. I recommended a few of my friends to Dr. Hess because they were also pleased with my results. My scars healed pretty good considering that I sometimes developed keloid skin. I feel that Dr. Hess is a very concern doctor who truly cares about his patients and I’m happy that I let him perform my surgery.”

— H. Francis


“This letter is to let you know about the fantastic surgical results performed by Dr. Jason Hess. In April of 2004, I had Bariatric surgery. After one year, I achieved the weight loss of 175 pounds. Needless to say, my stretched out body needed a lot of repair. My Bariatric physician attempted to repair the damage but the job was less than flattering. Last year, I heard about a young physician that had made fantastic progress on clients in the Oakland County Michigan area. After meeting with Dr. Hess, I knew that I had made the right decision.The day of the meeting, I was nervous and had tons of questions. Dr. Hess answered each one and had time to sit and talk with me on a one-to-one basis. He always was reassuring and never hurried. The procedure went very well and my recovery was easy. How nice to see positive results and to be able to take my shirt off in public. We will miss him in Michigan but I know where I would go if I needed a little “work”. Michigan’s loss is California’s gain.”

— Anonymous

“I went with my daughter to meet with Dr. Hess this past Saturday. She has some cosmetic issues to be addressed that are more medical than cosmetic. I found Dr. Hess to not only be professional but a caring compassionate man. I am so impressed with his abilities that I am booking a appointment for myself and have begun singing his praises to anyone who will need his services and even those who don’t but who will know others who do.”

— Ann N.

“I was referred to him by my dermatologist because of a “growth” that keeps coming back on my hand. He explained how everything was going to happen and really took his time. His bed side manners were fabulous and I never felt any pain. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.”

— Kevin P.

“He is a gifted surgeon who fixed my nose better than I expected.”

— Anonymous

“He is the best surgeon ever! The procedure went smoothly and I have been happy with my results and personalized care. Thank you Dr. Hess.”

— SoCalMLady

“I love my doctor, Dr. Hess. He was sincere and friendly. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the whole procedure [Breast Augmentation]. I am very pleased with the results, they are the size I was looking for and they look great! I am very confident I will look so beautiful in my wedding dress next year. I will fill out my dress much better, all thanks to Dr. Hess and his staff.”

— M.M.

“I was pretty nervous about the whole thing at first, but as soon as I walked into the office the staff was awesome; they walked me through the basic procedure. Then as soon as Dr. Hess walked in he answered every question I had, even the questions that did not come to mind right away. He was very down to earth and straight forward with everything he explained to me. Dr. Hess made me feel like I was in good hands and that he knew what would be best for me. What I liked most was that there was no pressure. When the surgery date came around, I knew everything would be ok and that they would take care of me. After the surgery of course the pain was there, but my healing was quick with no complications. I’m very happy with my results and that boost of confidence I have gotten. Thank you all for making me feel great!”

— A.F.

“Mi Nombre es Vivian y mi cirugia fue el 26 de Diciembre del 2008 con el Dr. Hess. Estoy muy contenta con el resultado y con el trato que me han dado todos. No me arrepiento haber tomado esta decision. Gracias Dr. Hess”

— V.A.

“I was very happy with the service provided by the staff and doctor. The staff was attentive, professional, and courteous. The doctor exceptional. This was the first time coming in for something major nor did I know anyone with a similar experience. Prior to surgery the staff made sure everything was in place. After surgery I received several follow up calls from the office, surgery center, and doctor. I think this was very important and I would definitely refer friends & family.”

— Rosemarie

“My experience was a positive one. The staff provided professional service. Dr. Hess answered all my questions and was always friendly and professional. He listened to my concerns about the surgery and made sure I got the results that I was looking for.”

— Anonymous

“I am very happy with my body. I have no scars after my first surgery. I am still healing from my second surgery, which I did to remove my dog ears; but so far so good! Thanks :)”

— M.A.

“Dr. Hess is absolutely amazing. He answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. I could not be more pleased with my results. Plus everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful.”

— Shannon


“I had the best experience. I found him on the web, called and booked an appointment. At first I was skeptical about having surgery with a facility I found on the internet. The staff was very friendly, very knowledgeable and very professional. Dr. Hess was able to answer all my concerns. He was very honest and professional. After meeting with Dr. Hess I decided to have my surgical procedure and it was the best thing I could have done. I am extremely happy with my results. I now feel confident with my physical appearance and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you Dr. Hess for making me feel like a beautiful person again! :)”

— Anonymous

“Dr. Hess, you are the greatest! Thank you for making this procedure more relaxing than I expected. It was worth it!”

— Joanna

“The experience I had was amazing. I was really not sure I wanted to have surgery. I was really scared. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Hess. He explained everything, step by step. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I knew everything would be alright. I had my tummy tuck with no complications and very little pain. I’m recovering well and feel great about myself. The whole staff is caring, professional, and very courteous. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone considering surgery.”

— Tummy Tuck Patient

“I opted to have an abdominoplasty along with a breast lift and augmentation. I was extremely apprehensive about the prospect of plastic surgery, but Dr. Hess and his staff made me feel so at ease throughout my entire surgical ordeal. My consultant was extremely helpful and professional. She was exceptionally attentive and accommodating to my needs; she always ensured that I was given prompt and comprehensive information. She always made it a point to check in with me to clarify any questions and concerns I had. My initial exam by Dr. Hess was what made me choose. His professionalism and approachability is something I did not find in other plastic surgeons. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and left no questions unanswered. What I appreciated the most about my initial visit was that he is a compassionate person that saw me as an individual and not just another operation. I was genuinely made to feel important and valued pre and post my operation. His continued post-op treatment and care is why I recommend him to all my friends and family. It is clear he cares about his patients and strives for excellence in his profession. It’s a pity more doctors do not demonstrate Dr. Hess’s humanity and kindness. Having plastic surgery has had a powerful effect on the way I view myself, not just physically but emotionally too. I don’t think most people realize what an effect a positive plastic surgery experience has on a person; the results are not only incredible, they’re life altering. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Hess; undoubtedly caring about his work and the people he serves. My experience has been simply life changing. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and professionalism.”

— A.G.

“I’m writing this review for my mother that he cared for over 3 months at scripps mercy hospital . He spent countless late nights caring for my mother and helping her fight an awful bacteria that eventually took her life. But between Dr. Hess and another awesome doctor they worked so hard and trying to figure out how to fight it!!! He was so professional yet compassionate to my mother and myself , he personally called me when I wasn’t there with my mother and kept me informed what he was doing and what he recommended. I highly recommend him !! He truly cares about his patients!!!”

— Kirstin H.


“I had my breast lifted and implants replaced by Dr. Hess. I actually found him by looking up “great breast surgeons in San Diego ” I read about Dr. Hess’ compassion and expertise in this field . My consult was made about a week after I called. When I came in, Liz and Beau were at front desk to greet me. They were so informative and just plain old helpful people. I’m pretty sure their job is to make Dr. Hess’ patients happy because that’s what they did. So, Dr. Hess came in the room and wound up spending a full hour explaining what my options were. I had NEVER had a doctor be so informative. I knew right away I way going to book my surgery with him. I had my surgery on February 14th 2014. He spent six hours on me. I felt he did a very detailed lift for me and put in the right extra high implant that was going to give me the “high and tight” breast job I was looking for. Its only been two weeks, but I have to say they are looking amazing. I’ve had two check ups. Each time I was treated incredibly well. Dr. Hess and his staff know how run a great doctors office. I have had my breast done twice with other doctors and they couldn’t achieve what he did! This is your doctor!!!”

— Just S.

“I went to Dr. Hess after a long search for the right doctor. His work stood out to me as much more natural then other doctors I had seen. He performed a breast augmentation and liposuction on my stomach. I had debated on my breast augmentation for many years. I was born with an A cup and had always wanted a C cup to fill out my clothes and my wider hips. I was a very athletic child and teen and enjoyed figure skating and modeling growing up. As an adult, I workout 4-6 times a week, but I still noticed some unwanted fat around my hips and stomach. It seemed no matter what I did with dieting and exercise, the excess pounds wouldn’t come off. Dr. Hess was able to give me the perfect hourglass shape that I had always dreamed of having. He was patient and spent time answering my questions, so I could better understand the surgery process. No other doctor has ever done this for me. He is a wonderful doctor and person. I am so happy with my results and have referred a few friends to him. They all look amazing too. Thank you for everything, Tracy”

— Tracy M.

“I had my breast augmentation performed by Dr. Hess about 6 weeks ago. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results! They are absolutely perfect and look so real and proportionate to my body! Dr. Hess is very professional and made me feel very comfortable right from the beginning. He took his time with me, answered all my questions and never made me feel rushed. He even sat with me right before I went into surgery to go over before and after pictures because I wasn’t feeling confident on the size I had chosen. I then decided I wanted to change my size right before I went into surgery, which was not a problem with him at all. I woke up easily from the anesthesia and had no serious complications during my recovery. Overall, I am VERY happy with my results and absolutely recommend Dr. Hess to anyone searching for a good plastic surgeon!”

— Anonymous

“Dear Dr. Hess, Thank you very much for the wonderful job! I couldn’t have expected a better result. I’m considering some other cosmetic procedures, and I have no need to seek for another cosmetic surgeon! You are EXCELLENT. Thank you for all of your patience and personalized care. Also I like to thank to all of your staff for their kindness. Best wishes. Marta T.”

— Marta T.

“Dr. Hess did a great job with my surgery. I am extremely happy with the procedures I had done. Dr. Hess made me feel very comfortable and very safe. He showed he cared and wanted me to be happy. The staff was also great; always nice and very helpful. They made this experience for me a great one! I was never nervous or scared because I trusted Dr. Hess. He is an excellent doctor, which I will surely recommend to anyone. Dr. Hess has changed my life with this surgery. I am very grateful that Dr. Hess was able to help me out and I will definitely come back to him if I ever need any other procedure. Dr. Hess is excellent and I am glad I chose him. Thank you Dr. Hess and staff for all your help; I greatly appreciate it. I am a total different person; I’m much more happier. Dr. Hess is the best!”

— B.F.

“In October of 2009 I started to think about my 50th birthday which was coming up in November. I wanted something that would make me happy for surviving all those years in good health. It hit me, that if I could find a doctor I felt comfortable with to give me a tummy tuck, that would be a great birthday gift. I started my due diligence, and set up four consultations. I went from most popular plastic surgeon with their high-end offices, to less expensive surgeons that tried to play the part of a high-end surgeon. I was lost after the forth consultation. Then one day I was on the computer, surfing the web, and noticed there was a office not to far from my job. After setting up my consultation, going to the office for my first visit, the front-end medical assistant made me feel like I should be here, very nice, warm and she seemed excited that I walked in the door. I filled out my paper work, and then was escorted to one of the rooms. Dr. Hess came in with this big smile (handsome), and with a warm conversation that made me feel relaxed, which was accompanied by everything that I was concerned with. He was honest, and answered all my questions, with no hesitation. I could not believe I found my doctor. The next step was the financial aspect of it; she explained everything to me, and right from the start, I felt like we were long time friends and she was looking out for my best interest. The surgery went without any complications. If I could have the anesthesiologist on call, that would be great. I am on my sixth week of healing, and it almost brings tears to my eyes of excitement every time I look in the mirror. Thank you Dr. Hess, your staff, and the great job you’ve done. I have recommended two people thus far, and one will have surgery next month. Dr. Hess, you are the best, and again, thank you so much.”

The new, and improved 50 year old women,

— R—–